For most people, creating the life story text for a Memory Medallion is a meaningful process of sharing wonderful memories. Here are some ideas and tips to help you create the perfect tribute.

  • There are no strict rules about a Memory Medallion story. It can be as simple as an obituary or as personal as sharing your individual reflections, tributes, and memories, or even including a collection of those shared by family and friends. What you write is entirely up to you.

  • We will not edit your text, so if you have nicknames, quotes, or other words or phrases, that you want to spell or write in a unique way, feel free to do so. This is an opportunity to write in your own style or capture the character of the person you are remembering.

  • Be sure to credit persons and/or family members who helped compile your loved one's story, and include the date it was completed so that future generations will know who wrote or participated in the story.

  • Tell a story that you would want any visitor to know.

  • If you have difficulty deciding what to say, try focusing on one generation or one person from your family who did not have the opportunity to know this loved one. Consider what you would want this relative to know about the person you are remembering. This will help you focus on the most important parts of your loved one's life story.

  • Have fun! laugh! It does not need to be the serious narrative of a historical biography. Tell us what memory makes you smile!

  • Finally, write it the way you would tell it if you were speaking, use your own words. Future readers will feel the power of the story as you tell it just as if you were there with them remembering the life of this special person.

  • Remember you can edit and add anytime, so don't feel the pressure to think of and write everything all at once. Log-in as often as you like to add-on. Your Memory Medallion will be instantly updated wherever it is every time you click "Save and Publish."