Some see a name on a tombstone. We see the stories, and moments, and accomplishments of a life. Some see a date of birth and death. We see all the stuff that happened in between.


This is Memory Medallion®, a way to remember our loved ones like never before.


You may place the Medallion at a site that speaks to you – such as a tombstone, honor wall or picture frame. You can even keep it near and dear with our NEW Wearable Remembrance Medallions.


Whether you’ve recently lost a loved one or wish to preserve the memory of someone who passed away years ago, trust your memories to Memory Medallion®.


Capture and share memories with powerful detail. Through the wonder of smart phone technology, Memory Medallion® lets you link to a personal memory page. As the author of this page, the past is in your hands. You decide what stories, photographs and videos to share.