They risk their lives to protect our freedom and our country. They keep us safe from harm. They answer the call, and all too often pay the ultimate price. How do we do right by their service?

There is no more honorable way to remember our beloved men and women in uniform than through Memory Medallion®.

You can place our glorious Medallion on a variety of surfaces – a shadow box, tombstone, grave marker or a Veteran Memorial. You can even wear it in one of our uniquely designed military dog tags. And know this. Every Memory Medallion® is designed to heroically stand the stand of time.

Capture and share lasting tributes with powerful detail. Through the wonder of smart phone technology, Memory Medallion® lets you link to a personal memory page. As the author of this page, the past is in your hands. You decide how to best honor your hero. You decide what military achievements to share.