Over 40 years ago, Glenn Toothman, the founder of Memory Medallion®, stood with his father in Arlington Cemetery.

As they looked out over the acres of marked graves, Glenn was overwhelmed with emotion. This is what he thought.

“Names heaped upon the wreck of names ...
To reach across the Great Abyss and snatch back but one, that it might be remembered for the life that made it live.”  

Today, Memory Medallion® helps remember those lives. Not always the rich and famous, but more often that special, everyday person who made a difference in our life. Their lives are a gift. So are their stories.

Memory Medallion® was born out of this profound appreciation. Our company has made it our life’s work to remember, preserve and share the past.

For over 10 years, we’ve provided elegant, affordable remembrance products. We’ve been chosen for everything from 9/11 monuments to Veteran’s Memorials.


We’ve also helped everyday citizens remember the lives of cherished loved ones.

Every time we share a Memory Medallion®, it is both an honor and a privilege.


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