Price: $199.95, Stainless Steel

approx. dimension: 1 3/8" diameter x 1/2" height

This medallion features a sliding case cover, which y
ou can personalize by providing Memory Medallion®, via upload, a jpeg image or design that we will laser-etch onto its sliding cover. There is no limitation on the image, you may use any that you wish. Note that higher quality images and images will yield more attractive results. The story code is encased under its sliding cover, designed to endure exposure to outdoor weather but can be mounted indoors as well. It is our most personalized Medallion.

Installation: It comes prepared for easy self-installation by use of its industrial-strength epoxy patch whereby you merely peel off the protective cover of the adhesive patch and push the Memory Medallion® firmly against any clean, smooth surface for extreme long-term installation.


If you prefer a flush-mount as opposed to the surface-mount described above, your local monument dealer or cemetery office can cut a small hole into the marker in a method similar to how dates are cut into pre-existing monuments. These Medallions have a diameter of 1.375” which is a standard drill bit size. The depth of the cut should be 0.375”.